Iakov Khesin (born 1953)
Nadezda Khesina (born 1955)

have been painting icons professionally since 1993.
Mr and Mrs Khesin have been living and working in Leipzig, Germany since 1999.

Art studio "ICONA" creates iconostasises, paintings, icon paintings, restorations and gold platings per requests from church communities and individuals.


2016-18 - restoration of the icons of the local, festive and apostolic rows of the iconostasis of St.Alexeyev's Church-Monument (Leipzig, Germany)  2009-13 – start-up of work at the iconostasis of the lower church of St. Alexeyev’s Church-Monument (Leipzig, Germany)  2007 – sketch of the iconostasis of the lower church of St. Alexeyev’s Church-Monument (Leipzig, Germany)  2006 – painting of the altar canopy in St. Alexeyev’s Church-Monument (Leipzig, Germany)  2002-04 – creation of series of the icons-replicas (see "Replicas") of the best known Russian icons from the Tretyakov Gallery collection (Moscow, Russia) and the collection of the Russian Museum (St. Petersburg, Russia)

2001-04 – restoration of the iconostasis and the crypts of St.Alexeyev’s Church-Monument (Leipzig, Germany) 1999 – painting of the iconostasis in Rozhdestvo-Bogorodichny Sanaxarsky Monastery (Tyemnikov, Russia) 1998 – mural painting in the Cathedral of the Ascension (Kuznetsk, Penza region, Russia) 1998 – painting of the iconostasis in the Church of Christ the Savior (Penza, Russia) 1996 – sketch of the iconostasis and individual icons for Nicolo-Perervinsky Monastery (Moscow, Russia) 1996 – painting of the iconostasis in Dmitriy Solunsky Church (Lesnoy Vyas, Penza region, Russia)


2009 - The Church of England (Leipzig, Germany)  2007 – Evangelic community (Leipzig, Germany)  2006-07 – Church of Great-martyr Elizabeth and Great-martyr Varvara (Wuppertal, Germany)  2006 – Church of the Holy Trinity (Dortmund, Germany)  2001-03 – St.Alexandra’s society ( Leipzig, Germany)


2017 - Exhibition "Saints of an Undividet Churh (Minsk, the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus) 2011 - Rathaus Leipzig (Leipzig,Germany)  2011 - Château de Saint-Auvent (France)  2011 - Europa Haus (Leipzig,Germany)  2011 - Westphalschen Haus (Markleeberg,Germany)  2010 – galerie „Das blaue Haus“ (Pegau,Germany)  2009 – Town hall Merkleeberg (Germany)  2009 - Media-City (Leipzig, Germany)  2009 - Rathaus Markleeberg (Markleeberg,Germany)  2006 - Church of the Exhalation of the Cross within the bonds of celebration of Herbfest (Leipzig, Germany)  2006 – Frankish Foundation (Halle, Germany)  2005 – evangelic community "Kutscherhaus" by the Church of the Exaltation of the Cross (Leipzig, Germany)  2004 – gallery "Das blaue Haus" (Leipzig, Germany)  2004 – St. Nina Gruzinskaya equal to the apostle’s church (Aachen, Germany)  2003 – University library (Leipzig, Germany)


2015-17 - Сourses of icon painting (Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, Germany)  2012-14 - Courses of icon painting (Berlin, Leipzig, Germany)  2012 - Courses of icon painting (Los Angeles, K, Djordanvil, NY, USA)  2011-12  Courses of icon painting from the studio "Icona" (Leipzig, Germany)  2011 - Courses of icon painting (Los Angeles, K, Djordanvil, NY, USA)  2010 - icon-painting course by the Studio "ICONA" (Leipzig, Germany)  2009-10 - icon-painting course by the Studio "ICONA" (Leipzig, Germany)  2008-09 - icon-painting course by the Studio "ICONA" (Leipzig, Germany)  2007-08 - icon-painting course by the Studio "ICONA" (Leipzig, Germany)  2006-07 – icon-painting course (Wuppertal, Dortmund, Germany)  

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Icon painting courses are suitable for both beginners and advanced students. Courses will be held in the following cities: Berlin, Munich and Leipzig. Those wishing to take part in The Icon Painting course please contact us by e-mail: n.i.khesin@gmail.com Specific dates of the courses will be announced to all participants in advance. Courses take place in February, March, May and June.

Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling. We are happy to answer your questions, including those related to the specific dates of the next course.

Since the number of participants is limited please email us in advance.
For more information please read the section  COURSES

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